Mr. Toda’s Birthday on 11th Febuary 1900

Excerpts from A Youthful Diary” by Ikeda Sensei – On Feb 11th (Toda Sensei’s Birthday)

Visited Mr.Toda’s home at 6.00. He began 2nd stage of his lecture…. Determined all the more to advance towards kosen-rufu with my teacher…. Today was Mr.Toda’s birthday. Sadly reflected that I did not offer him my best wishes.

Today is President Toda‘s fifty-fourth birthday. In the morning, I gave him a white shirt and necktie as a gift…..


Today is
President Toda‘s fifty-fifth birthday. I am twenty-seven. Han-tsu took his own life when he was thirty-one. Alexander the
Great united the world at thirty-one. Napolean became emperor at thirty. Who is truly a great person? …… I am satisfied being a common person. I shall live my entire life, however, spreading the Mystic Law, the fundamental power of the universe itself. Whatever wind, waves or misunderstandings I face, I shall offer this life for this great benevolent principle throughout the 10000 years of the Latter Day of the Law. Society’s stormy seas, the rise and fall of fortunes, are no more than the epitome of transience, an illusion. Only a life lived strictly protecting the Law possess the essence of reality, and herein lies the truth. Such people will definitely prosper. Twenty-seven years of life — I do not want to lose.

Visited Sensei’s home at 9.00 in the morning. Relieved to see his spirited face. Today is his fifty-eighth birthday. Ate redbean rice and sweet bean soup together with Sensei. My life-time memory and honour.

Today would have been my mentor’s fifty-ninth birthday. Felt
nostalgic. My wife served red-bean rice this morning to celebrate. Warmed by my beautiful family and memories of my mentor. A heart of gold surpasses all material treasures and shines more brilliantly.

Today is President Toda‘s birthday. If he were alive, he would be celebrating his sixtieth birthday. My wife and I talked about this as if we were Sensei’s son and daughter… Home after 9.00. My wife made sweet rice cakes to celebrate Sensei’s birthday. The two of us enjoyed eating them together. We talked about how Sensei would rejoice most at our family’s celebration. Together we are happy. Together our hearts are beautiful.


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