Towards Chapter Friendship Gathering!

We held our Chapter/ District leaders meeting today. 🙂

We learn that the heart is the most important.

In order to win in any battle,
1. Be in the same heart and mind as our mentor (师弟不二的精神).
2. Have the stand alone spirit (一人立起的精神).
2. Have the never-be-defeated spirit (不败的精神).

When giving encouragement to fellow members, let’s remember to:
1. Share with our hearts
2. Give hope
3. Base on teachings of faith

Also, check out Chapter Friendship Gathering (also on sidebar navigation)!

* * *

Ikeda Sensei says, “Soka Gakkai members, who strive valiantly to fulfill their precious missions in their own ‘corner of the land’ day after day, year after year, illuminating all around them with the light of the Mystic Law, are the supreme treasures of the nation. This is no more noble treasure in the world than a person of strong faith.”


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