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This weblog serves as a platform for youths from SSA’ s (Singapore Soka Association) Sengkang Central Chapter to be updated of the latest happenings in the chapter, to learn about Buddhism, and to share testimonials and articles.

The weblog’s header image is derived from a photograph by Daisaku Ikeda, entitled ‘A Path at Windsor’ (Windsor Castle, England, Great Britain, June 1991). See Photo Essays by Daisaku Ikeda.

*Note: This weblog is a youth initiative by Sengkang Central Chapter, and is not affiliated to Soka Gakkai International or Singapore Soka Association.

Copyright©2008-2009 Sengkang Central Youth. All rights reserved.

DO NOT USE original content posted on this site on any publication or internet homepage without prior permission of Sengkang Central Youth.

Always make references to your sources! It’s only polite to do so. 🙂


2 Responses to “About & Credits”

  1. Allen Massiah Says:

    Greetings. This weblog of Sengkang Central Youth is a wonderful vehicle for communicaiton, understanding and dialogue. It inspires a deeper sense of commitment for those who contribute as well as for those who read the contents. I send deep prayers that the youth of Singapore may develop rock-solid faith, attain an indestructible shitei funi spirit, and achieve truly meaningful victories in every realm. Yours truly — Allen Massiah

    • Author Says:

      Dear Allen,

      Thank you for your comments and prayers. 🙂 It’s really heartening to see members all over the world being so concerned about worldwide kosen rufu. Yes, let’s strive harder in our endeavors and create victories wherever we are! 🙂

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