CFG 2008


Sengkang Central Chapter Friendship Gathering 2008
2008年 盛港支部友好聚会

Theme: “Let our lives shine with absolute happiness!”
主题: “让生命闪耀绝对的幸福!”

20th September 2008
2008年 9月 20日

1. Commemorating SGI President Ikeda’s 20th year of visit to Singapore.

2. Illuminating all around us with the light of the Mystic Law to achieve victories in their lives.
让妙法光芒照亮友人, 使友人也获得胜利人生。


Goals towards a successful SKC Chapter Friendship Gathering/ 迈向成功支部友好聚会的目标:

1. 500 lives (attendees include new friends) in Chapter Friendship Gathering to build bonds of friendship.
在支部友好聚会, 于500 个生命 (出席者包括新朋友) 建立友情的桥梁.

2. 10 Gohonzon Conferrals.
10 位御本尊敬领者。

3. 100 sets of Creative Life and SSA Times subscription.
100 份学会刊物 《创价人生》 与 《创价时报》 的订阅。

4. At least 1 hour daimoku per day.
每日至少1 小时的题目。

5. At least 1 homevisit per week (for leaders).
每星期 (干事) 做至少1 个家访。


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